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Monday, October 4, 2010

take some pictures

erK gambar merepek . aku pun tak taw ape motif hehe. .
      saje suka suki habiskan battery life :)
       photoshoot with NIKON s4000 jew . .

1. photo :   what's that . ! i dont know what kind of thing is that . hehe. i'm just takes pictures but its looks like jelly lo . nanty bende tu kembang dan 'membesar' kalau letak dalam air >,<
i would like it bcoz its colorful . hehe :)

2. photo : cooking time ^_^ by my mom la . ngee ~ its such of ingredients of sambal tumis i think hehe forget lo . theres some onions and tomatoes 

3. photo : orchid laa :) my mom love orchids

4. photo : my pillow (strawberry) >,<  my aunt bought me souvenir from Cameron Highlands .
i'm lovin it >,<

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