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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

dear cute apam polka dot

one day in a very nice afternoon,
when i'm damn bored during semester break,
huh ! 
i was just thinking,
its time for crazy kitchen's experimental HAHA (evil laugh)
making the apam polka dot 

HAHA >,<
some of the ingredients .
ngee ! i'm using the nutritious milk . HIGH CALCIUM . LOW FAT
mixing them up manually >,<
exercise the biceps and triceps .
low speed to the high speed then back to low speed . high speed . low speed
lastly , switch off the plug HAHA
ready to 'kukus' about 10 - 15 minutes >,<
can't wait to see the result
 .. huu ~
bismillahirrahmanirrahimm .... fuh ~ hopefully its look nice : )
tara ~
its ready to bite >,<

mama and papa's apam with their kids apam >,<
happy family together ^_^
<3 <3 <3

special polka dot . 
the green's sugar love is obsess to the apam . 
so it spread it out .
(falling for you)
HEHE >,<

p/s : don't judge a book by its cover . . .
i made you just because you're polka dot !! and you looks superb cute!
not because i really want eat you .
you're not really so good in taste .
HAHAHA (evil laugh)


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