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Monday, July 25, 2011

fresh up myself

today was my 1st day in orthopedic's ward 
oh worsting ! :(
early in the morning i being scolded 
huh ! its not my fault actually . 
but i was blamed 
i am victim of a circumstances
its alright , maybe there might also my fault that i didn't conscious 
i accepted all this  : )
just thinking positive . and let it gone away ~

second .. i realize i did mistakes 
i'm not do right during dressing's procedure
out of disciplines 
i don't know what happened to me today 
blurred .. startled !
simple things can't remember ! aiyoo shafiqah !!! ~
come on ! wake up girl ! don't disappointed her again maa ..
sorry .. give me another chance please ... i'll improve myself next days

the 1st day all was wrong !
insyaALLAH start from tomorrow and above i'll get used 

Positive thinking leads to positive actions, 
Positive actions lead to positive results, 
Keep it positive & go for your dreams! 

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