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Friday, April 22, 2011

the weather was heavy rain

today was my last paper for the senior in the half (HAHAHA). yepiee ^_^
it was DHNI 4002's paper, 
Nursing Care of Clients with Integumentary System Disorder, Autoimmune Disorder and Communicable Disease
hahahkXx i early out the exam's hall as usual . .
malas nak lepak lame-lame kat dalam tu .. beku sistem saraf gue ~ 
my exam was done and the answer's booklet was bound neatly exactly at 10.10am 
i walked out so proud to the hall door and feel so blissful.
HAHAHA ! what a snob !
the exams were done smoothly . alhamdulillah >,<
hopefully i'll get better result than before and more satisfy 
insyaALLAH ^_^
always well . always well . always well 

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