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Friday, April 29, 2011

ultraman .. monster .. and iQaberry

hey.hey say cheese !! SMILE =)
its time for candid style . come on guys . enjoy the shoot >,<
i love damn photoshoot <3 (said pinky monster to ultraman MEBIUS)
what the hell you ! ok.ok just follow your way ~ (said ultraman TARO)
its the candid style >,<
is it ok??
hurm.. erk . not bad (said photographer)
its time the battle of the band
whose gonna win ??
(ok no idea) but ..
of course laa a good person get the the VICTORY of compete
that toys haa are damn CUTE
when i saw them in 1st time,
my eyes so attracted to this kind of things
i'm really excited to take them a few photos
HEHE (poyo)
reflection of image
(in a bored day,
STUCK of my head)
ok i forgot about reflection in physics is about 2 years ago
and i didn't refresh back the topic..
but its wonderful thing to know exactly !
anyone can tell me
how reflection occur ?
-lazy to open up book-
moreover, now i'm not in physics field
ok maybe someday i'll find the answer (take time) or someone's helpful can give the answer
OTHER : new telephone
no motif !
just wanna this post to be shrubs about 
hehe . ignore my poor english ..
i'm still under learning 
' at least you try to applicate the language (motivate myself) '
hehe .
work hard be smart in english .
insyaALLAH your english can be improve
(hopefully ^_^)

* you are expression of my heart
always well . always well >,<

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