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Thursday, January 27, 2011

im off today . tulang . crackk .

im off today and tomorrow 
what the such amuse matter la !
hahah . = D
so i decide to go back home - ampang malii meyh.
last night . after shift . by train . midnight . at the beginning im along with kaka min . then im alone . ok >,<

patients in orthopedic's ward will miss me . hohakxx
how come my group was dumped in ortho's ward ??
whereas we not yet learn this orthopedic subject which it is semester 4 subject lol . 
actually we supposed to work in surgical ward . .
hurm ...
REASONS : that was fixed schedule by hospital's matron + electrical error + mechanical error + chemical error = may you have fortunate there and enjoy yourself ! =)
pity in ourself .
nevermind ! we're enjoy in ward

i love you bones! 
maintain your healthy bones 
with takes meal rich in calcium and vitamin D .
other minerals also important .
but that two things are essential in formation of bones and make your bones stronger !

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