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Saturday, December 18, 2010

going to clinical area

clinical area is HOT mood around the corner for FSKKS students specially batch 09/10 currently in semester 3 .
wow ! we're going for posting this SUNDAY, 19 December 2010 .
erk many feeling that i feel = happy . impatient . grateful . upset . lazy hehe
grateful coz peoples said hosp kLang is the best clinical area, its quit busy and also easy to get cross for procedure that we must to complete it this semester.
lazy to packing my stuff 
upset, so as to become separated with my lovely GENG XOXO
huh . what ever its going to happen, i really need to face it strongly maximum . ! =)
girls..! i will miss you all babe . huhu :'(
(crying.crying) hehe

objectif : to teach me to be a independent lady 
make my feel happy hoha >,<

p/s : enjoy your practical guyss .. work hard ! no lazy. lazy .REMEMBER ! DHNL is 6 credit. its GIANT credit that can cover you guys pointer include me . (remind myself too) >,<

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